About Out2Camp

Our platform is the place to go for secure rentals of motorhomes, caravans, tent trailers, and where we have arranged for insurance, roadside assistance, customer support and third party escrow for all payments.

Out2Camp was established in 2015. From the very beginning the portal was designed with the needs of both the established rental companies and private owners in mind, allowing renters a comprehensive view of available motorhomes, caravans and tent trailers for rent. As a natural consequence, partnerships have been forged with the leading organizations representing firms, owners and users active within camping, together ensuring cooperation and increased trust for owners and renters alike.

Our team

Bo Christensen
Business Developer
Leo Schramm
Concept Manager
Otto Thind
Partner Manager
Fredrik Rofors
CTO & Happy Camper
Morten Kristiansen
Software Engineer
Natalia Valender
Software Engineer
Ole Jørgensen
Software Engineer


Adelgade 138
DK4720 Praestoe

Bank account details

Danske Bank
Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK1092 Copenhagen