With the help of a SSL certificate, your payment details are kept private and processed safely. The SSL-certificate validates Out2Camp, and encrypts all information sent between you and us as known from online banking.

Your guarantee when paying online

All payments are carried out by Acapture, a PayVision company. Awarded ‘Best Acquirer’ at MPE Berlin 2016 and ‘Best Merchant Acquirer/Processor’ at the 2015 Payments Awards.

Use credit card for extra security

Many card schemes have complimentary insurance coverage for payments done with their credit card. Please contact your bank for more information.

Identity verification

All our renters must verifiy their identity when making a booking request. The verification is done either by upload and control of renters driving license, national ID-card and passport, or via the electronic signature (NemId/Bank ID) methods used by the nordic bankink industry.

Rental insurance

All private owners have to comply with vehicle requirements in order to be covered by the platform insurance. Professional owners accept that they alone are responsible for having their vehicle insured.


Your sensitive information like your phone number and address is kept strictly private, and is only used when required to establish contact between renter and owner.


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