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Listing your motorhome, caravan or tent trailer

Rent out your vehicle to others when you are not using it. Listing is free, you are in control of availability and who may rent your vehicle.

Benefits for owners

How much do I earn?

You as owner set your rental price. It is possible to specify both a daily and a weekly price. The daily price is used for rentals up to 6 days, while the weekly price is used for rentals 7 days or longer. You can also specify the minimum rentalperiod length, e.g. 1 week.

We receive a lot of booking requests from our renters. If your vehicle is well presented, and correctly priced, you can expect rentals at least between 3-6 weeks yearly. You are always 100% in control, and decide which of the booking requests you want to accept.

In the following example we have assumed a weekly rental price of 3.500 DKK, and a rentalperiod of 10 days.

Rental 10 days á 500 DKK:
5.000 DKK
Service fee: 15% (incl insurance)
-750 DKK
Tax: 25% of service fee
-188 DKK
You earn:
4.062 DKK
The amount will be available on your Out2Camp account once rental is completed.
It is your own responsibility, to report the income to the tax authorities. More information here.

Meet one of our owners

Hear Carina tell about her experiences from renting out her caravan.

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Any other questions?

See FAQ to read more about how Out2Camp works, or contact our customer support directly.