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Rules & regulations


Owner must have a private comprehensive and third-party liability insurance. The mandatory platform insurance offered by Out2Camps insurancepartner will replace owners private insurance during the rental period. The owner is responsible to ensure that the insurance terms and conditions are met, both in terms of vehicle limits and renters age and driving licence.


Owner must verify that the vehicle is ready for rental prior to arrival of renter. Owner is aslo responsible for printing out departure- and return forms in duplicates, ready for joint inspection by renter and owner.


Before handing over keys, the owner must verify renter's driving license, age, and other details as recorded on the rental contract. Owner is furthermore responsible for handing over the Green Card to renter in case of a motorhome rental.

Existing damages

All existing damages must be recorded on the departure form. It is recommended, that both owner and renter document the vehicle condition inside and outside with digital pictures.


Renter must be resident in Norway, Sweden or Denmark, and fulfil the other insurance terms in regards to minimum age and driving licence. If owner for some reasons judge the renter to be unable to drive the vehicle, vehicle must not be transferred to renter, and owner must inform platform immediately.

Smoking and animals

The renter has to respect restrictions put in place by the owner.


You may cancel any booking from your booking overview. Cancellations are treated according to owner’s cancellation policy.


If the rental contract and description do not match the actual vehicle, the renter may cancel the booking and is to inform the platform immediately.


The renter is in charge of the vehicle during the rental period, and is liable for the insurance excess and other charges if the vehicle is damaged.

Mileage and fuel

Mileage and fuel level are recorded in the departure- and return forms at start and finish of rental period. The vehicle is to be returned fueled as received.

Fuel type

Refilling of correct fuel type is the responsibility of the renter.

Oil and coolant

Engine oil and coolant are the responsibility of the renter, and if a warning light gets activated, the vehicle is to be brought to a stop, and roadside assistance to be called for.


Parking fines, speeding tickets, toll charges and other expenses incurred during rentals are to be paid by the renter.


Owner must check the condition of the vehicle when received back from the renter. Both parties must record any damages in the rental form and sign off on the rental. Out2Camp is to be informed immediately concerning possible insurance claims.