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Terms & Conditions

Version 1.3 - May, 2021

§ 1 Introduction

These terms and conditions govern the use of Out2Camp’s marketplace. You should be aware, that you enter into a contract with Out2Camp / Camptoo ApS, CVR-nummer 37237841, when you use the marketplace.

In order to use the marketplace, you must have a user profile registered with Out2Camp. For you to to book a rental vehicle you must be verified by Out2Camp.

Owner must ensure, that there are duplicate copies of the departure- and return forms in the vehicle at the start of the rental period. The forms are used for recording mileage, known damages and faults, fuel level and other information relevant for the rental. The forms to be printed are attached to the booking details page at Out2Camp. Both copies of the forms are to be jointly signed, and each party to keep one copy in case of later disputes. Owner must also remember to hand over Green Card to renter if vehicle is a motorhome.

§ 2 Definitions

  • User: An individual or company who has created a profile on Out2Camp.
  • Owner: The user renting out a vehicle.
  • Renter: The user renting a vehicle.
  • Vehicle: A motorhome, caravan or tent trailer for legal use on road.
  • Rental contract: The agreement which a renter and an owner agrees upon using the platform for renting a vehicle.
  • Departure- and return forms: The forms renter and owner jointly fills out and sign before and after a rental period.
  • Rental period: The rental period according to the rental contract.
  • Service fee: The fee retained by Out2Camp from the rental price before settling the owner.
  • Booking fee: Fee charged to the renter for covering insurance and administrative costs related to the rental.
  • Payment fee: Payment transaction charges to be paid by the renter.
  • Booking request: The request by a user to rent a vehicle.
  • Rent: The total price to rent a vehicle including options offered by the platform, service- and booking fees.
  • Rental price: Owner's rental price demand inclusive of all extras offered by the owner through the platform.

§ 3 Membership

When creating a profile on Out2Camp these terms and conditions are accepted by the user.

The user also accepts not to register multiple profiles, and to keep the password secret.

§ 4 Service

The users are only given access to a platform facilitating rentals between owners and renters.

§ 5 Insurance and insurance requirements

All vehicles rented out through the platform must be covered by a liability and comprehensive insurance in the authorized driving area. The specific insurance conditions depend on where the vehicle is registered and if the owner is a private individual or a company. Where Out2Camp has an agreement with an insurance company, such insurance coverage is mandatory and a fee will be automatically added to the rental charge. The vehicle detail view will inform a user which insurance coverage will be valid for a rental. It is solely the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the vehicle is insured during the rental period, and both owner and renter accepts that Out2Camp cannot be charged and has no responsibility if there is no or inadequate insurance coverage.

When renting a vehicle the renter has to verify identity by either uploading copies of driving license and national ID/passport, or by using an electronic signature method (NemId/Bank ID). Out2Camp will keep copies of the documents for as long as necessary to comply with insurance and legislative requirements.

If the insurance requirements are not fully met, a rental contract cannot be agreed upon. Users are not allowed to enter any agreements invalidating the insurance coverage. The owner must at any time ensure and control that all insurance requirements are met.

All users are obliged to read the terms and conditions for insurance coverage before any rental contract can be agreed upon. For mandatory insurance provided by Out2Camp, the vehicle detail view has a link to the insurance detail page. For instances where owner’s own insurance is relevant, renter has the responsibility to contact owner directly in order to obtain such information.

The platform is neither insurer nor insurance agent, and receives no commission relating to the provided insurance.

§ 6 Payment

All rent payments must be done through the platform. The renter receives a payment demand once owner has accepted the booking request. Renter has 48 hours to pay. Once the rental is completed, rental price less service fee is credited to owner’s account at Out2Camp.

Out2Camp receives up to 15 % service fee from rental price for each booking, and is deducted automatically before crediting the owner’s account.

Owner can choose to demand a deposit amount to cover expences in case of any roadtoll fees, or damage not covered by the insurance. The deposit amount is paid by the renter directly to the owner during pickup of the vehicle, and is returned by the owner once the rental period has ended.

The user accepts, that Out2Camp has the right to claim excess costs and fees incurred during the rental period, and has the right to claim those directly from the user. The costs and fees may be, but are not limited to:

  • Any cost related to claims put forward.
  • Cleaning expenses (if the vehicle is returned dirty)
  • Excess as described in the insurance coverage.
  • Any fine or legal expenses related to parking, traffic offences or other offences, including but to limited to removal and wheel locks applied.
  • Any loss or damage caused by the user’s neglect of terms and conditions put down in the rental agreement.
  • VAT or other duties applied to expenses referenced in this paragraph or the rental.
  • Any advance payable by Out2Camp.
  • Any cost associated with collection.

The owner accepts, that if Out2Camp for some reasons are not able to collect excess costs, Out2Camp is not obliged to reimburse the owner regardless of the underlying cause, including expenses not covered by the insurance coverage.

§ 7 Cancellations

Owner as well as renter can cancel a booking.

A booking can be cancelled free of charge until it has been paid.

Should an owner cancel a paid booking the complete amount will be refunded to renter.

Should a renter cancel a paid booking, the refund amount is determined based on how close to the rental period start the cancellation is done and what cancellation policy that apply according to the rental contract. Out2Camp always keep 2.5% of the rental price to cover our expences related to payment and administration.

Out2Camp may choose to put aside the cancellation policy in case of owners no show, faults to the rental vehicle or other special circumstances.

Read more about our cancellation policy here

§ 8 Fuel and mileage

Unless otherwise agreed, renter is to return the vehicle fueled as received. In order to avoid disputes, both parties should jointly note level of fuel in the departure- and return forms.

Likewise, mileage should also be noted in the departure- and return forms when handing over the vehicle.

The partiers are to arrange for possible additional payments of fuel and excess mileage independently of Out2Camp. Out2Camp has no responsibility for any differences, and do not return any possible excess payments.

§ 9 Requirements for the rental contract

Owner is free to decide terms and conditions governing the rental agreement for their vehicles listed on the platform. Owner is, however, restricted from allowing use of the vehicle leaving the insurance coverage void or is in contradiction with the general terms and conditions for use of Out2Camp as laid out in these general terms.

Owner guarantees that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition, complies with all legal requirements regarding safety equipment. Owner must also have the right to rent out the vehicle as stipulated in the rental contract.

Owner is to ensure, that renter has a valid driving license, authorizing the renter to use a vehicle of the kind being rented out. Owner must also ensure that renter is not apparently influenced by alcohol, medicine or drugs.

Renter declares when receiving the vehicle, that brakes, oil, water, signaling devises, lamps and installations have been inspected. Renter is responsible for the vehicle always having sufficient oil and water during the rental period.

Known damages and scratches must be noted down in the departure form before vehicle is transferred to renter. Two copies of the depature form are to be completed, one for each party.

Renter is responsible for potential damages on the vehicle during the rental, including loss of vehicle or destruction of same, unless renter can prove the damage was present prior to start of the rental period. If in doubt, the depature form is referenced. Renter is not responsible for possible increase in owner’s insurance policy or loss of a particular status.

Unless otherwise agreed, renter has to returned the vehicles as received. It implies that the vehicle is cleaned and in a relatively good overall state.

Owner is responsible for inspecting the vehicle for possible damages inside and outside when the renter returns after completing the rental. The owner is responsible for recording in the return form any new damages found, and have it signed by both parties. It is recommended, that damages are properly documented immediately they are noticed, are at the latest when the vehicle is returned to the owner. Instances of windshield damages should be rectified immediately at a workshop, and a report files immediately. Mechanical malfunctions during the rental period not being the responsibility of the renter, and preventing the vehicle from operating properly, will force the owner to reimburse the renter with remaining rent and excess mileage net of fees. It’s a requirement, that the incident is reported to Out2Camp immediately, as the platform will refund the renter on behalf of the owner.

If the vehicle cannot drive or has a damage requiring repair before moving on, renter must contact roadside assistance through the emergency number associated with the rental vehicle.

Renter is responsible for paying fuel, ferry tickets, toll charges and others usage fees during the rental period. Renter is furthermore obliged to settle all traffic offences and parking fines incurred during the rental period excluding incidents which to blame the owner.

Out2Camp has the right to debit renter's account and card directly to cover excess payments for damages caused by the renter. Out2Camp has furthermore the right to use debit the renter's account and card to pay for fines and sanctions incurred by the vehicle while in the custody of the renter as well as costs related to renter’s breach of the rental contract.

Out2Camp has the right to extend a rental period on behalf of renter, with the renter to carry the expenses, if renter does not return the vehicle as agreed in the rental contract.

Out2Camp has the right to forward a claim to renter directly if excess costs exceed the deposited amount held by the owner.

§ 10 Marketing

Direct or hidden marketing, and any other form of marketing by users on Out2Camp for themselves or behalf of others is not allowed.

Any action by a user in opposition to this paragraph is considered a serious breach of the agreement between Out2Camp and the user. Out2Camp has the right to delete any content published on the website by the user, and has the right to prosecute if such action is deemed necessary due to such violations.

Users of Out2Camp accepts to be contacted with marketing and other information, both from Out2Camp directly and from any partners to Out2Camp.

§ 11 User obligations

The user vouches for the integrity of information provided, and that the information does not go against prevailing law or third-party rights.

The user promises never to add immoral and unlawful content to Out2Camp, or add viruses, programs and software which may damage the platform or it’s users.

The user promises only to use the platform according to these terms and conditions. Out2Camp has the right to terminate or suspend the user should the user breach the terms and conditions. Analysis of all correspondence between users is fully allowed by Out2Camp if misconduct and breach of these terms are suspected.

Owners must never reject a booking request, publish a rating, create a listing or have terms and conditions based on race, color, handicap or assumed handicap, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and identity, or marital status. Even though a user may have legal and legitimate reasons to reject a booking request, such an action may cause the other user to feel not welcome or excluded from the community. Owners should do their best to be welcoming to renters with all backgrounds. Owners with a pattern of rejecting certain protected categories of renters may be suspended from Out2Camp.

With the assistance of rating owners and renters may share their experiences after a completed booking. Any attempt to use this opportunity to blackmail the other party is abuse of the rating system, and is not allowed on Out2Camp.

User ratings must only be related to an actual booking, and must not contain political, religious or social remarks, promote violent and damaging behavior, be insulting, vulgar, obscene, threatening or discriminatory, or violate another users privacy and civil rights.

§ 12 Disclaimer

Out2Camp is only acting as an intermediary, providing a matchmaking platform, and accepts no responsibility in any way. Planning, execution and responsibility depends only on owner and renter alone. Use of Out2Camps matchmaking is therefore at users own risk. Likewise, Out2Camp may never be considered having responsibility, financially or otherwise, for a partially or fully failed rental.

The user understands and accepts, that Out2Camp will never be held responsible for others use of, and distribution of, information obtained from the Out2Camp platform.

Out2Camp cannot be held responsible for any unavailability of the service, errors and malfunction, including virus, technical faults and outages.

Out2Camp cannot be held responsible for any financial losses and auxiliary damages, including especially text, information or links uploaded to the free text area in the vehicle profile.

Out2Camp cannot be held responsible for possible damages to the vehicle during rentals, regardless of the damages occurring before, during or after the rental period. Neither owner nor renter may press charges against Out2Camp due to lack of complying with insurance requirements.

Out2Camp’s service is complete when the user has received all contact details necessary to enter into a rental contract. The payment service is complete, when the rent payment is credited to the owner’s account at Out2Camp.

Out2Camp highlights the fact, that both owner and renter only can agree on rental terms that obey current legislation.

Out2Camp has no responsibility for tax, duties and VAT liabilities of the rental contract, and accepts no obligations for filing reports to the tax authorities or payment of relevant taxes, duties and VAT. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to report and pay taxes, VAT and duties. It is the owner’s own responsibility to seek necessary information and advice, including obligations to invoice rental income. Please remember, that rental income may be taxable.

§ 13 Privacy policy

When you register a profile on Out2Camp you accept that the platform processes and uses your personal information as described in these terms and conditions.

In order to provide the necessary services, your personal information is necessary. Your contact details will be required in order to create a personal account. That involves your first name, surname, mobile number, e-mail, date of birth, country of residence and a personal profile picture.

For booking verification purposes you will need to either use your national e-id (NemID/BankID), or upload copies of your driving license, national ID or passport, and you will need to use your credit card of do a bank transfer to finalize a booking. The verification will ensure that you meet the requirements for bookings, confirm your identity, assist with investigations in case of incidents as well as processing payouts.

In order to create a listing for your vehicle, we need to know the availability of your vehicle, license plate number and a comprehensive vehicle description.

To enter into rental contracts, we need to know the geographical location of your vehicle. For approval by the insurance company Out2Camp is required to transfer your personal information to the insurance company. Payouts from Out2Camp to owners will furthermore require owners to identify themselves as well as their banking details.

To follow local legislation, Out2Camp may be obliged to treat your information differently to those purposes described in this policy, and may as an example be the requirements of necessary law enforcement.

To prevent fraud and abuse, Out2Camp may use your information accordingly. That involves sending information messages necessary for an efficient platform operation.

To complete a booking, Out2Camp has to share your personal details with the other part.

Your personal information is also forwarded and processed by third-party services, amongst others:

  • NEXMO – sender of text messages.
  • Criipto – for secure eID authentication.
  • Dansk Camping Union - You accept that Out2Camp may exchange your DCU membership ID with Dansk Camping Union with the purpose of verifying your membership status.
  • Insurance - You accept that Out2Camp may provide our insurancepartner with relevant information for their claim processing and pricing.

To assist promotions for our partners, Out2Camp may integrate their services on the platform, and may use your details to tailor offerings and communication.

You may find the complete privacy policy that apply for all use of the Out2Camp platform here.

§ 14 Amendments and changes

Out2Camp may amend and change these terms and conditions.

In case of such changes, the users will be informed by announcement on the website.

§ 15 Other conditions

If one or more of these conditions in these terms become void or unacceptable, all parties are obliged to legally arrange precautions by and large leads to the same result.

If one or more of these conditions become void or unacceptable, the rest of the conditions will still be valid.

Any dispute between Out2Camp and a user should be decided upon by a court in Sweden.

These terms and conditions have first priority should there be differences and inconsistencies with the rental contract.

Any dispute between owner and renter which is not clearly described in the terms and conditions, rental contract or FAQ is to finally decided by the arbitrage of Out2Camp. Users will accept the decision of Out2Camp.